Earnings Disclaimer

Hello — I just wanted to take a quick moment to set appropriate expectations for users of this website and the content that I produce. While I always try to be honest and transparent in every aspect of my business, it is easy for people to get overly excited when they hear about the potential of an online business.

I want to make sure that anyone who uses this site can read this short disclaimer in order to ensure that they have realistic expectations, and understand that I am in no way guaranteeing anyone’s success. Success is determined by how much (smart) work you put in.

Any documentation, images, reporting, or presentation of financial results represent the revenue earned by Logan Crockett during the timeframe stated or noted along with the documentation, image, reporting, or presentation. There may be slight modifications to these figures due to refunds and fees that are sometimes not incurred at the time of developing a report or a representation of revenue for a time period. While I do my best to avoid it, errors can occur, including errors that are beyond my control, such as a financial tracking error from a purchased revenue reporting software. In general, if there is a discrepancy, it should be very slight. However, if you believe there to be an error, please contact me immediately via the contact form on this website.

Despite the fact that these strategies have worked for me to generate real revenue online, there is NO GUARANTEE that using any of the same strategies, tactics, plans, services, or ideas will produce the same results for you. Every business is different. Any ideas, plans, strategies, or examples that I provide in content on or off of this website (whether that be on social media, through online videos hosted off of my site, through live broadcasts, or via any other means of sharing information) are based on my own personal experience unless it is stated or indicated otherwise. While what I teach can work if applied for some businesses, they may not work in your particular situation, and nothing shared on this website is to be interpreted as a guarantee or a promise of results or revenue.

Nothing shared on or off of this website from Logan Crockett, ShatterRed, or Sell Your Journey is to be interpreted in any way as a “get rich quick” scheme. Starting and maintaining an online business takes a significant amount of work. What you could possibly earn is reliant on your abilities, your time commitment, and the state of the current market and the state of the particular market your product, service, or information is meant to serve. Any claims made on this website regarding revenue can be verified if you make a written request via the contact form on this website. Whether or not you are successful using the strategies, plans, and ideas presented on this site is ultimately dependent on many variables, including but not limited to your financial resources, your skills developed over a lifetime, your education level, your knowledge of marketing, your particular business strategy, the market you are trying to do business in, and the time you spend devoted to the success of your online business. Because of this, I cannot guarantee your earnings level nor do I.

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Affiliate Disclaimer

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