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Hi — I want to write this quick disclaimer here to explain something you may encounter on this site: affiliate links. There are certain products and services that you will find mentioned on this site that link directly to those products and services. In certain cases, some of these companies will track sales back my website or my business, and they will credit me an affiliate commission for any purchases that you may make. This is at no cost to you. My affiliate commission in no way affects the price you pay. As a matter of fact, because I am an affiliate and therefore a partner with some of these companies, I get access to special discounts and offers that I can make available to you.

I do run a for-profit business, and affiliate commissions are one way that I monetize this website. However, I will never make a recommendation to you that I do not completely believe in or have tried and used myself. In certain cases, I make recommendations for products that I believe will serve my customers better even though those products do not include an affiliate commission, where competing products would offer me such a commission.

Because I have an affiliate relationship with multiple companies, you should assume that a link from this website to another website is in fact an affiliate link, and that if you make a purchase through a company’s website that my website links to, I may in fact receive an affiliate commission.

I appreciate you for seeing what I have to offer online, and I hope that it proves to be valuable to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact form on this website.



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Affiliate Disclaimer

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